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Team Tools & Resources

It only takes one person to inspire hundreds...this is the idea behind Bike MS Teams!

More than 85% of cyclists in Bike MS participate as part of a team and teams raise more than 85% of all dollars raised through Bike MS. Therefore, as part of a team you play a critical role in helping us be successful!

What is a Team?

A team is four or more individuals who share in the common goal to create a world free of multiple sclerosis. 

Why Form a Team?

  • Because it's Fun: It’s more fun to participate with friends.
  • Because it Promotes Physical Fitness: Training for and participating in the Bike MS event is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Because You’ll Feel Good: The event is a fun-filled adventure that raises money to help those living with multiple sclerosis in our community.
  • Because Everyone Loves Recognition: Everyone enjoys friendly competition; therefore, work as a team and earn a top team title. 

Who Should be on My Team?

Team members can be anybody — friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, business associates, people from your school, club or  place of worship — and they can all easily register as cyclists online. Whether you’re a corporate team or a team of family and friends, just be sure to ask everyone you know. Enhance your recruiting efforts by reaching out to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

How to Form a Winning Team:

  1. Simply pick a team captain and choose a team name. 
    • Share the work-form a team committee or recruit a co-captain.
  2. Set goals for the number of team members and the total dollars to be raised by your team.
  3. Recruit team members
    • Spread the word-announce that you are forming a team at the next staff, club or faculty meeting or e-mail your friends and family to get them to join your team or give you a pledge.
    • Distribute registration forms with your team’s name filled in to friends and colleagues.
  4. Encourage your team members to fundraise.
    • Fundraising comes more natural when you make it personal. If your team is cycling for someone with MS, ask them if they would be willing to tell their story or for you to share their MS story. be sure to follow that with a statement about the programs, services, and research done by the National MS Society.
    • Maintain regular contact with your team members and encourage them often.

We are here to assist you in your efforts to create a world free of multiple sclerosis and welcome the opportunity to meet with you, your employer, and colleagues to discuss the team concept.  If you are interested in starting a team, becoming a team captain, or would like more information about sponsorship opportunities contact Karla McCarraher at or 757-319-4253.



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